Why You Should Trust Lending Stream!

TrustThere have been reports from various authorities, including the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Advertisement Standard Authority (ASA), on how the credit industry has been frequently breaching the law on advertising credit. The law suggests that credit sold online must effectively disclose all the key information about a product, such as APR, name of the creditor etc. This guidance was formed to protect consumers from being misled since the law presumes a customer to be naive and inexperienced.

Lending Stream has gone way beyond than just complying with the advertisement guidelines. It ensures a safe and secure environment for our customers to borrow short term monthly instalment loans. We strive to make the procedure as transparent as possible by complying with stringent consumer credit laws.

Data Protection Laws have always haunted organisations to safely process a customer’s personal data, due to the stringent obligations imposed. This means more processing time of the information submitted by the customer. We, at Lending Stream, process and analyze your information, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and give security highest priority. We understand the need of trust when you part with your personal information. In order to maintain that trust, we have very stringent access control policies. These policies allow us to process your information quickly but in the most secure fashion so that you can be assured that your information is in responsible and safe hands.

Lending Stream aims to become a leader in the short term loan lending market but without sacrificing legal compliance, right from advertising to data security. We think that a high level of legal compliance will inspire confidence in you of our reputation and lending practices. We take pride in the way we legally conduct our business in a market seen with skeptical eyes.


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